Surf Adventure
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Factory and Show Room in Itaboraí, Rio de Janeiro
Surf Adventure
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Parque Industrial
Venda das Pedras
Itaboraí - RJ - Brasil

250 passengers per hour > manufacturing time: 165 días



by Markitto Major Rides™!

The Surf Adventure is the most stunning equipment from all the line. Its design is Grand Classic, like a style of the international great parks

Surf AdventureIts structure is treatment with seven preparation bath and then submerged in a last bath of Zinco at 450º C.  Your company can forget the paint service.

Your gateway is double-wide,  allowing the simultaneous embarkation and disembarkation  of the passenger, thus gaining one minute at every turn. 

Measures: 14.000 x 6.000 x 7.000 mm

Transport 250 passengers per hour of working.
Manufacturing time: 165 days



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