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Manufacturing of a Surf Evolution, clic to zoom:

 Surf Bases Surf Solda Paineis Surf Plataforma  Digitalizar0119

 Digitalizar0112    Criando 

 Surf detalhe mecánico  Surf Profesionalismo  Digitalizar0130

 Surf Montagem 01  Surf Montagem 00  Surf Montagem 5  Surf, detalhes de atrás  Surf estrutura

 Surf detalhes dos pinos I  Surf Detalhes na carreta I  Surf Compressor  Surf, Malão 2  Surf Detalhes na carreta II

 Surf estrutura  Surf arte de atrás  Surf lateral traseira I  Surf Carreta y back

 Obra Surf  Obra Surf IV

 Surf frente 1  Surf, acabando as presas  Surf Terminando 3  Surf trasera 1  Surf Probando


Thought about having one as well in their park..?

 Surf Evolution

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Markitto Major Rides
Markitto Major Rides(+55 21) 2635-4485
(+55 21) 9527-1899
[email protected]

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